SEO Coaching

If you are self-motivated and prefer to do things yourself, I can help you with goals, strategy, and the "how to's" of search engine optimization. I have 15 years experience with internet marketing and SEO. Let me be your coach. I am affordable, supportive and positive. I can help you reach your goals.

Freelance Writing and Newsletter Content

If you have a blog or website and need help writing content I can help with you this. I can write on most topics.  I am an experienced writer and editor.  I have written for websites, blogs, newsletters and social media.

I can also help you with developing and managing a newsletter for your website or blog.  Newsletters are a great way to keep clients engaged. I would love to help you with your newsletter marketing.


Help with your Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook page, but don't have time to manage it?  Let me help you!  I can post content regularly, engage with your audience, and help you build your brand and following. Talk to me about your Facebook and social media needs.

Monetizing Your Blog

I have been creating content for websites and blogs since 2004. Whenever people talk to me about what I do, they ask me how can I make money doing that? Let me teach you.  If you are passionate about a topic or have a blog already, I can help you learn the tricks to monetizing it. Set up a free consultation with me and let's talk!


Let me be your web goddess

Fees for my services:

SEO coaching - $25 per one hour session
Blog coaching - $25 per one hour session
Newsletter, blog, and copywriting - $25-50 per article or post.
Facebook page management - contact me for a quote
SEO services - contact me for a quote

I will create a custom marketing plan for your website marketing including:

Facebook, Linkedin, and social media management.

Content creation, blogging, and newsletter management.

Digital advertising campaigns (including graphic design and managing your advertising campaigns)

Please contact me for a free consultation.