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Hi I'm Patty Malowney, creator of Badass Web Goddess. I am an independent Albuquerque SEO consultant. You might notice that my website doesn't look like other digital marketing websites. This is a different kind of company. I didn’t create my website simply to offer services. I like helping people.

I love search engine optimization. I built my first successful online business by creating search engine optimized content and quickly learned that if you want your site to grow, you need to work hard on SEO.

If you aren’t getting organic search traffic, you will have to generate traffic to your site by paying for it. Sure it gets you traffic but how much are you paying for each click? And how many of those clicks turn into customers? What if you made an investment in getting your site positioned at the top of Google? This is how I can help.

I work with small business owners in the Albuquerque area, By improving your website and search engine position, I can help your business get more customers. You may not realize how many customers are actually searching for your business every day. I can improve your search rankings so that customers find you.

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Why should you work with me?

Every day I get emails from some company offering to give me a free SEO audit. I find it amusing because I am an SEO consultant, but you probably get emails like this too. What I’ve learned from working with small business owners is that many of them don’t understand how search engines work and even if I were to give them an seo audit, they wouldn’t understand what it meant. I like working with ordinary people who own a small business. I started my first business with almost no money, so I respect the hard work that entrepreneurs put into their business.

When you meet with me, I will sit down and explain all of my services to you and what I can do to help your business with your unique needs. I offer personal one-on-one service. I won’t just help you with your search engine placement. I can help you create or update your website, manage your social media accounts, write blog posts for your blog, or even help you with some of your website tech questions. My favorite client tells me he has a guy for everything -- I am his web guy.

I love helping business owners even if it’s just answering questions. Badass Web Goddess is more than a consulting business to me. I love blogging and sharing my experience with internet marketing. Give me a call so we can talk about what your business needs or connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

I specialize in local SEO

What My Amazing Clients Say

  • Patty Malowney has been instrumental in making positive changes to our social media/web sites & marketing. Her knowledge of the inner workings of these various platforms have allowed us to make significant strides forward in our visibility and interaction across all these platforms. I would highly recommend Patty.

    Pat, Precision Insurance Agency, LLC

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