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Creative Social Media Ideas for Insurance Agents

If you are an insurance agent and aren’t using social media as part of your marketing and customer acquisition strategy, you are missing out.  Your social media pages are an extension of your brand. Having an active social media presence will help you to cultivate your brand and engage with customers and prospects in a more personal way.  Social media can help you to grow your audience and drive traffic to your website.

So what should you be posting on your social media accounts? 

Your social media strategy shouldn’t be all about selling insurance. People will quickly lose interest in your page if it’s too heavily focused on selling them insurance. 

Don’t be boring

What do people use Facebook for? Ya know, it’s sure not to buy insurance.  They go there for the memes and the politics.

So what are some badass ideas you can use for your social media pages.  How do you market your boring brand or service on Facebook?  Here are a few creative ideas for keeping your insurance page engaging and interesting.

Don’t use content every other agent is using

I know I just said don’t be boring, but I mean it. Don’t be boring. If you are an agent, you surely get emails with tons of articles from your carriers that you can share on your social media page.  Well, guess what? Every other agent is going to share this.  You don’t want to be a generic agency.  

Mix it up.

You want to use a mix of fun, funny, and useful content. Sprinkle in content about insurance. Most of your social media posts should be entertaining, inspirational, or informative.  Keep the insurance/sales posts to about 10-20 percent.

Use Google news

Go to Google news and search for topics related to your market.  It doesn’t have to be insurance. You can search for any related keywords – driving, snowmobiles, accidents, traffic, gas prices.


You want your visitors to go directly to your website.  Having a blog will give you fresh, unique content to share on your social media accounts.  It is the best way to make sure your website gets indexed in Google. Updating your website often is the number one way to keep Google coming to your site.  If you have never blogged or aren’t great at blogging find a freelance writer (like me) to write your blog posts for you.  

Post related or adjacent content

Follow related Facebook pages and share their posts.  For example, if you sell snowmobile insurance follow a popular snowmobile blog or Facebook page and share their posts. Look for posts that catch your attention or that you find interesting. If it’s boring to you, it’s probably be boring to your audience.

Community/feel good stories

Your social media pages give you a way to be part of your community.  Keep up with community calendars and share photos, events, classes, and anything you think your audience might like.

Seasonal posts and holidays

Create a schedule of posts to go with the season.  For example, boating, fishing, camping, stories are great posts for summer time.  Also check out national holidays and weeks.  April is Distracted Driving Awareness month, in October there is a Teen Driving Safety Week, and my personal favoirte is January 16th, National Nothing Day.

Interact with your audience.  

Don’t just rely on likes and shares. Actively participate on your page. If someone leaves a comment reply back to it. Reply back to every single comment.  Facebook’s algorithm focuses on showing posts that have meaningful interactions. The more comments and interactions you get, the more likely your post will show up in someone’s newsfeed.  Keep in mind just because people like your Facebook page, doesn’t mean they actually see any of your posts. This is why it’s so important to interact with your followers.

Invite everyone you know!  

A lot of agents are afraid to ask their friends to like the business page.  That’s the whole point of using social media. Invite everyone to your Facebook page.  Be enthusiastic. Ask for them to comment or give you feedback. Social media isn’t just about interacting on the page, it’s about engaging with your customers.

These are some creative ideas, but if you find managing your Facebook page is a huge time suck, I’d love to help you!  Use your time and talent to sell insurance and let me manage your social media accounts. 

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