Hi I'm Patty Malowney

Patty Malowney

Hi. I am Patty Malowney, the badass web goddess! I started my first internet business in 2004 with a $40 garage sale computer and a whole lot of determination.  I sold my first website, JustMommies.com to the dating company eHarmony.com in 2008.  My website was acquired by another company where I worked as a consultant and editor until July, 2019.

After encouragement from friends and family I decided to branch out on my own and start my own consulting business.  My services include web design, web hosting, local search engine optimization, and social media management.  

I am a very energetic person. I have five children and two grandkids. When I started JustMommies I was a stay at home mom who homeschooled all of my children. I like to push myself and do things that challenge me. I have run a successful online business, run for office, spoken at conventions, and grown a large following of friends on Facebook. 

I am a very honest and real person, which is one of the reasons I named my business Badass Web Goddess and not Malowney Marketing or something like that.  When I first started using the name, I questioned whether people would take me seriously, but what I have found is my brand name reflects my kind of people.  You may notice that my website is femine and has a more personal touch.  I don’t want my business or website to be like the rest.

I offer personal service. I like to get to know my clients. You’re not just a number to me. I value every client I have and appreciate the opportunity to work with you!

I enjoy working with insurance agents 

My parents were both into sales. My dad was a realtor at one point, but switched to insurance.  Because both parents became insurance brokers, I grew up knowing a lot about the business.  I have a health and life and insurance license and I’m currently studying for my P&C license.  This gives me specialized knowledge to help me develop content for insurance websites.  You’re not just hiring someone who knows nothing about your industry.  

I am an experienced writer and editor.  When I first started managing insurance agents social media pages, I started reading up on it.  What are other people saying?  Insurance is boring and good luck.  But, I really love insurance marketing.  When I see my clients start getting quotes through their website, I get excited.  

Whether you have an insurance business, real estate business, restaurant, shop, or other small business, I would be thrilled to be your badass web goddess.  I hope you will check out my internet marketing blog for SEO, social media, and marketing tips. I update it regularly with new content.  Drop me an email or give me a call at (505) 302-5408 to talk.

Please contact me for more information on how I can help you grow your business.