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How to Write Engaging Blog Posts

One of my main goals for my blog is to teach women like me how to excel in digital marketing.  You really can make a living from blogging and internet marketing.  One of the hardest things about blogging is writing content that keeps someone’s interest.

How do you Write Engaging Blog Posts?

You can’t write about how to write an engaging blog post and then write a totally boring blog post.  Right?  Well, yes actually you can.  Being engaging doesn’t mean writing catchy titles or coming up with the next viral post. It means writing something that holds someone’s attention.

I always love reading other people’s blogs and sometimes get jealous of their whitty writing style, but be true to yourself. You don’t have to be hilarious or entertaining to be interesting.

I have been writing for the web for 15 years and some of my best content did not have a captivating title or have some really exciting topic.  Most of it was just plain useful.

I put together some of my best tips and hope you will find this post engaging and helpful.

Tip #1: Solve a Problem

When you are thinking about what topic to write about think about a problem.  These days people search for answers on Google for just about everything.

If you are a blogger, writing posts for Google is a must.  In fact, if you are reading this post, there’s a good chance you found it in Google. My number one piece of advice for writing an engaging blog post is to solve someone’s problem.

Tip #2: Research What’s Already Out There

One of the things that drives me crazy is when I do a Google search for something and read article after article that says exactly the same thing. Of course each page might have their own spin, but the facts are all the same.

I love reading unique blog posts where you can tell the writer put some thought into it.  It’s good to see what’s out there for ideas you might want to include, but for me, the reason I like to read other posts first is to make sure my content is different.

Tip #3: Use Headings and SEO

Almost every blog post I write is broken up with headings. Think about it. People are reading on their computer or their phone. They aren’t reading a book.  Breaking up your posts with headers or bullet points makes it easier to read.

Make sure you use good SEO practices in your blog posts as well.  If you want people to find and read your post, they need to be search-engine friendly.

Tip 4: Use Pictures in Your Posts

Like headers, pictures help break up your posts and make them more visually appealing.  There are tons of free stock photography sites out there.  Find some photos and add at least 2 to your post.

Make sure you use alt text when you add your photos. Alt text provides Google with a description of your photos.

nerdy colorful photo for blog
I loved this “nerdy” picture so I added it to this post. Cute pictures help spruce up your blog posts.

Tip #5: If you Have Writer’s block, Just Write

I love Earnest Hemingway’s quote, “Write drunk, edit sober.” I am not telling you to write your blog posts while you’re drinking. I am telling you to just write them.  The best way to overcome writer’s block is to start writing.

My intro paragraphs often start with rambling just to get me writing. You should see some of what I write when I start a new blog post.  It’s often utter nonsense.  “Get coffee and write okay keep writing yeh you can do it”  This is literally how some of my posts start off, but once I start writing the words begine to flow.

Tip #6: Be Concise

If you read about search-engine optimization, like I do, you might have read that Google has a perfect word count for posts. Most websites aim for around 1,000 to 1,500 words per post.

Longer posts that keep someone’s attention are ideal, but sometimes a short post that someone reads all the way through is better.  The point is your post should keep your reader interested all the way to the end.

Don’t add extra sentence or words just to lengthen up your posts.  Word count is never as important as word quality.

Tip 7: Start Your Post with a Good Intro Paragraph. 

So why am I making this tip number 7?  This tip is one I have read on every single blog post on blogging.  It’s definitely important, but if you start with the other tips, you can go back to your intro paragraph.  The intro paragraph is always the toughest part of writing for me, so I don’t start my posts with an intro. I write my content and go back and rework my intro.

edit and rewrite

Tip # 8: Edit and Update Your Posts

When I say edit and update, I don’t just mean when you write your post. I mean 3 months from now.  If you think up something to add to your post, go back and edit it.  This is a good practice for bloggers for several reasons.

Editing later will help you catch any typos or grammatical mistakes you might have made.  Yes it happens.  Additionally, you’re bound to come up with a new idea or a better way to word things if you read your posts over down the road.

Most importantly though, Google loves updated content. Even if you just change up a few sentences, updating your content will help you to rank better in Google.

Tip # 9: Make it Unique

If your blog posts don’t say something different than what is already out there, why will people have a reason to read it? What makes your content better than other bloggers’ content is your unique style and information.

If you want your blog posts to keep people reading, make sure what you have to say is different than what everyone else is saying.  Read over your post and your main points. If you read over your post and your tips are the same 7 tips as every other blog, put your thinking cap on and work on some unique tips of your own.

Tip #10: Keep Them Reading to the End 

Give your readers a reason to keep reading.  As you read over your post, think about what you write.  If you’re getting bored or losing interest, they are too.  People skim when they read internet content.  Make sure your readers are still getting something out of your post even if they are skimming. This is why headers are so important for blog posts.

If you read this post to the end, I’d love to hear what you thought about this post in the comments.